Care and Cleaning

Leather Bags


Studio: I work in a home based studio in Tofino BC, Canada.

The Leather: I work with a rotating selection of bovine hides that are mostly produce in Minnesota, US. Occasionally I will see a hide from Mexico. My leather supplier is based on Vancouver Island.

Hardware: Natural Brass hardware Is produce in China.

Conditioner:The final step of making each bag is to finish it with a natural beeswax leather conditioner made on Saltspring Island BC

Unlined: Every bag is intentionally unlined and has a raw leather edge.No plastic edging materials are used.

Care and Cleaning

We recommend you treat your bag once a year with leather conditioner; this will hydrate the leather and can also help protect your bag. 

Small scratches from daily wear happen and are a wonderful part of owning a natural leather bag.  Many little marks can be simply buff out by using a lightly damp cloth in a circular motion. A little leather conditioner can also go a long way to rejuvenate your bag.

If spot cleaning is necessary we recommend a 1:1 ratio of saddle or Castile soap and warm water and a soft cloth. 

 A cotton swab and rubbing alcohol can also be used on small marks such as ink marks, followed by a touch up with leather conditioner. 

Leather Conditioner