Hi I’m Julie, designer and maker of Market Canvas Leather.

I create usable objects that are functional and practical, while appealing to the senses.  The smooth touch of leather, a clean silhouette.

Most of my styles have been created from my own sense of want or need.  What do I need to carry and how do I want to look and feel while carrying it. 

Essentialism and a feeling.

I source all my leather from a small supplier based on Vancouver Island.   I don't often see more than a few hides of the same colour, each with its own characteristics that allow unique items to be made from it.  A really stiff hide, makes a structured silhouette, a soft supple hide allows for movement.  Understanding these elements and creating something with that knowledge is what lights me up. 

I hope you you get as much joy from carrying them as I do.Julie 

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